Howard Chaykin
(Writer/Artist - Avengers 1959; The Shadow; New Avengers; JSA; X-Men; Wolverine; Iron Man; Captain America; G.I. Joe; Punisher War Journal; Green Lantern; Wonder Woman; American Flagg!; Superman)
Howard ChaykinHoward Victor Chaykin is an American comic book writer and artist famous for his innovative storytelling and sometimes controversial material. Chaykinís main influences are the late 19th and early 20th century book illustrators Howard Pyle and Charles Robinson and little of his work has been for the super-hero genre. He began working for Marvel Comics in the early 1970s drawing-one off stories for publications such as Marvel Spotlight. Chaykin had an interest in Jazz and the 1920s-1930s era that was in-tune with editor Roy Thomas who gave him a series of adventurers-for-hire to illustrate. He also created a short-lived sword and sorcery title, Ironwolf. In 1976, Chaykin landed the job of drawing the Marvel Comics adaptation of Star Wars that proved a great success and also got him work doing illustrations for the numerous tie-in projects. Chaykin produced a number of projects for the Heavy Metal and Star Reach anthology magazines including the space opera hero Cody Starbuck that revealed an interest in sexually explicit material as well as graphic violence. There were also a number of lavish graphic novel projects with an adaptation of Alfred Besterís The Stars My Destination and original collaborations with Michael Moorcock and Roger Zelazny. Chaykin also worked on the design of the movie Heavy Metal.

In 1982 Chaykin launched American Flagg! for First Comics, writing and drawing the first twelve issues exclusively. The series was a massive critical and popular success, winning a number of awards. In 1985 Chaykin also wrote and drew a re-launch of The Shadow for DC Comics and produced Time2, a quasi-spin-off to American Flagg! that allowed him to indulge his love of Jazz and New York. The mini-series based on Blackhawk of 1987 was another chance to indulge in the 1930s mileu as as provide a witty recasting of a defunct DC character.

Black Kiss in 1988-89 provided Chaykin with the chance to fully show the sex and violence content hinted at since his work of the late 1970s. Since then his original output has been limited. There was a return to Marvel for a Wolverine/Nick Fury graphic novel and the mini-series Power and Glory.

Some of Chaykinís recent comics work includes: the graphic novel Mighty Love, the mini-series Challengers of the Unknown and City of Tomorrow, as well as a one-off issue of Solo, all published by DC Comics. Chaykin has also been active in television since the 1980s, acting as Executive Script Consultant for The Flash and Viper, and has most recently acted as head writer on Mutant X.
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