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Heroes Fallen StudiosMy name is Clayton D. Murwin I am a Publisher, Graphic/artist, & Freelance Comic book artist. I am the President of a Non-Profit 501c-3 Veteran based organization that I founded called Heroes Fallen Studios Inc. We produce Graphic Novels that support our troops by telling there real life stories based on their service in Iraq & Afghanistan. You can visit our site here http://www.heroesfallenstudiosinc.org and help us support our troops by buying Volume One of “Untold Stories From Iraq & Afghanistan.” I was born In Norfolk VA. & grew up in Jacksonville Florida and N.C. I have been a artist all of my life and enjoy painting, drawing, etc… Comics,art,graphic novels. Presently I live in Timberville VA.I have a Degree in Computer Graphics & Design . I am married to a wonderful British woman named Collette who is from Staffordshire England . We were married in Liverpool England as I lived there for 3 years. My first published work in comics was for an independent publisher Red-Zone Comics owned by Toby Swift (creator & owner) for the title “Mind Hunter Omega” I was a co-creator as I developed all the art, pencils,inks,lettering, coloring,and some story editing. I am also the publisher of Untold Stories From Iraq & Afghanistan.

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