Herb Trimpe

(Artist - Hulk; Iron Man)

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Herb Trimpe


After attending the School of Visual Arts in New York City following high school, Trimpe worked for a brief time inking backgrounds for Tom Gill, a former instructor and Dell comic book artist. Four years in the USAF including a year in Vietnam later, Trimpe freelanced at Marvel inking westerns before being offered a full-time position in the production department plus freelance work. With the Phantom Eagle being his first feature attempt, Stan Lee offered Trimpe the job of drawing the Hulk. This he did for eight years, after which, titles to his credit were Transformers, Godzilla, GI Joe, GI Joe Special Missions, Shogun Warriors, The Defenders, and in the end, Fantastic Four Unlimited--not necessarily in that order. Other one-shot titles and short series titles were seeded throughout Trimpe's career during a 30 year period at Marvel. Presently residing in Upstate New York, Trimpe continues to do the occasional commercial job, as well as commissions and shows.


Photo By Luigi Novi