Guy Nuesca

(Artist - B.A.N.E.; Final Daylight)

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Guy Nuesca


Born August, 1982, Guy began drawing at the early age of 4 and shortly after his 8th birthday he was introduced to the world of comic books. He showed rapid development in human anatomy and forms, and in no time at all Guy began creating his own characters and stories.

His love for sculpture started with his introduction to the legendary painters and sculptors of the Italian Renaissance at the age of 13.

Guy's love for music and athletics was completely overshadowed by his love for art. Art has always been his first love. Sculpting with clay, metal, marble, and modeling putty, Guy showed an early aptitude for creating complex, grotesque monsters and heroic characters in clay and metal, yet he still continued to draw and increase his skills in painting and animating.

Guy Nuesca continues to work on his comic book and animated projects. With his creative genius and artistic ability he hopes to someday change the hearts and minds of troubled souls that exist everywhere in all classes of society. Heightening awareness and perception Guy plans to be apart of the "New Renaissance" and bring enlightenment to the masses in the 21st century.