Greg Mitchum

(G.M. Art Production - Photo Artist, Cosplay Photographer, Digital Media Mixology)

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Greg Mitchum


G.M Art Production is proud to announce their involvement in the Wizard World Austin Event. With the core concepts of combining both the world of photography and mix digital media, G.M Art Production creates awe inspiring master pieces by turning imagination into reality. Through high resolution photo session, turn your character into a real piece of art.

No event can go unnoticed without the involvement of great fans, especially the ones in the world of Cosplay. G.M Art Production will have the following talented Cos-players at their table

Amy Thunderhawk is a San Antonio based cosplayer who has been cosplaying for about a year and a half. She has been known for her Lady Magneto, Lady Captain America and Emma Frost just to name a few. She previously worked as a promotional cosplayer for Alamo City Comic con and now she does costumed charity work for Heroes and More, in aid of sick children.

Kay Jay Cosplay is a college student from San Antonio. When she is not concentrating on her studies, you can find her at local conventions cosplaying the likes of Black Canary, Batgirl and Supergirl. She is a former costumed promoter for Alamo City Comic Con and is a regular at most conventions from San Antonio to Dallas.

Lord Vishus Cosplay is a native Texan living in Georgetown who has been involved in cosplay for a little over a year. His cosplays range from SciFi to comics. He admins Greater Texas Con Group which runs a calendar of all Texas conventions and events. He is also an active member of The Lone Star Saber Academy. He has featured at conventions such as Heart of Texas Con, Texas Comic Con, and Capital City Comic Con with a few more coming up this year.

G.M Art Production also would like to get fans help a great cause. Free photo shoots and custom art pieces will be raffled off to help benefits our great American Soldiers. Pick yourself up a limited edition Cosplay print.

Proceeds go to the Rescue Warrior Foundation.

G.M Art Production will have Exclusive limit prints of the Avenger Historic Wars.

So stop by our booth for fun, Photo shoots, Cosplay interactive and limited edition prints.