Greg Mitchum
(G.M. Art Production - Photo Artist, Cosplay Photographer, Digital Media Mixology)
Greg MitchumFrom the world of reality to the world of imagination, Greg Mitchum, with his awe inspiring works in oil prints, has combined the vision of two elements (photography and digital art) into one strong artistic creation. G.M. Art Production, through high resolution photography sessions, transforms each character into an unbelievable oil printed world.

Greg got into the artistic world as a release from his everyday job in Law Enforcement. He began doing one of kind oil prints of creative worlds then expanding his talents into photography. He then realized that combining the two created a great dual world for fantasy and realism. When Greg is not doing prints of favorite characters, he has immortalized characters into their own worlds. His work includes characters from Universal Studios, Disney and Heroes of Cosplay.

To immortalize your Cosplay character- contact Greg at to schedule your photography session for $45.00.

Also check out Greg’s other prints and find out how you can win a custom print.
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