Greg Land

SPECIAL GUEST (Artist - Incredible Hulk; Uncanny X-Men; Avenging Spider-Man; X-Men; The Mighty Thor; Ultimate Avengers; Ultimate Fantastic Four)

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Greg Land


Greg went to ISU (Indiana State University) and received a Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree in 1985. He started in the screen print business during his senior year of college and worked as a screen print artist for 10 years. His passion was to draw comic books, so in the early 1990's he started to put together a comic book portfolio to show to editors at the comic conventions and for submissions to comic companies. He got his first break into comics in 1994 with Sky Comics, on a title called Storm Quest. This work led to projects with DC Comics, that included Night Wing and the Birds of Prey.

In 2001 Greg started with CrossGen Comics and helped develop their top selling adventure book, Sojourn.
His next step was illustrating several covers for Marvel , Top Cow and DC Comics.

His relationship with Marvel Comics led to several exclusive contracts with them that has featured work on titles such as Phoenix End Song, Ultimate Fantastic Four (which introduced the Marvel Zombies), Ultimate Power and The Uncanny XMen. Currently he is working on Iron Man.
Greg resides in Florida with his wife of 27 years, Trish, and daughter, Shelbi.