Gregg Paulsen
(Artist - Talismen; Kenzer and Co.; Bluewater Comics; Ironclad)
Gregg PaulsenGregg Paulsen is a Artist from Davenport Iowa, who has been tolling around the Indy comics scene for over 15 years, working as a assistant to Phillip Hester (Green Arrow, The Darkness, The Green Hornet ) his first published work was a Pin up in the indy comic “Talismen” from Blink comics ( good luck finding it ) he has since worked for publishers Kenzer and Co. and Bluewater Comics drawing various books and covers for them, he helped get the indy line Wave Entertainment started, he is currently working on a creator owned project called Ironclad, a project 18 years in the making co-created with Phillip Hester, he currently lives in Bettendorf ,Iowa. He is nice and likes nice people.
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