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GNB Cosplay


Ginger is the head costume designer of GNB Cosplay and Editor in Chief to Otaku Sanctuary Cosplay Magazine. She has been apart of the sub-culture of cosplay since summer of 2007. After creating her friend's costume along with her own and her first experience at an Anime Convention, she decided to open her online costume shop called GNB Cosplay. Since then, Ginger has created 40+ costumes and wigs for women, men, and children all over the U.S. Her costumes have been featured in the Japanese Magazine Cosmode, LA Weekly, the Cosplay In America photobook, and the Sundial Newspaper just to name a few. After viewing her own costumes in print, Ginger decided to start a cosplay magazine here in the U.S. The magazine focuses on showcasing local cosplayers. The quarterly magazine is available in print and continues to cover the American Anime-convention sub-culture.