Mick & Matt Glebe

(Sketch Card Artists - Star Wars Galaxy; DC Comics: The New 52; Marvel Universe 2011; Marvel 2012 Greatest Heroes; Marvel Bronze Age; Batman: The Legend; The Walking Dead Season 2)

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Mick & Matt Glebe


The Glebe twins, Mick and Matt, are sketch card artists and comic book writers/illustrators. Together they are co-owners of Twynsunz Inc. along with Creative Director and Artist Kathy Glebe. They are known for their stunning and realistically styled artwork that are mini-masterpieces rendered for such licenses as Marvel, Star Wars, DC comics, AMC's The Walking Dead, Pinps, and many other original independent sets. In addition, they have created a number of original comics and children's stories; such as this year's soon to be released epic horror/fantasy comic book The Revenans, available at the show!

Credits include: Star Wars Galaxy, Vampirella, DC Comics: The New 52, Dungeon Dolls, Marvel Universe 2011, Contemporary Pinups, Bettie Page, Classic Mythology, Marvel 2012 Greatest Heroes, Marvel Bronze Age, Batman: The Legend, The Walking Dead Season 2.