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Contribute to the urban landscape without having to run from the law!
Graffiti: some folks call it visual pollution, others call it the truest of all art forms!
Get the ‘Gudz’Graffiti: some folks call it visual pollution, others call it the truest of all art forms, but there’s one thing that’s irrefutable – get busted tagging, and expect a night in jail. That said, if you’ve always wanted to throw up a tag but didn’t want to run the risk of a night in the clink, the folks over at Elite Gudz have got the app for you.

While everyone knows Elite Gudz as the geniuses behind the Concrete Immortalz comics, the crew has moved into the digital realm with their recently updated “Graffiti Spray Can” app, available for free(!) on the iTunes app store.

Already one of iTunes’ most downloaded apps available, the best just got better with new tools (users can now take photos and make their own backgrounds), interface improvements, enhanced memory caching and new international backgrounds so users to make their mark around the world – literally! And there’s no need to be an all-city graffiti artist like Phetus and the Elite Gudz crew – even if you’ve never held a spray paint can you’ll be busting out slick graffiti pieces immediately! We really can’t do the app justice – just get over to the iTunes store and download it now!

But if you think that’s all the cool kids at Elite Gudz are up to, you’re way wrong – visit their website at concreteimmortalz.com or follow them on Facebook for all the latest news!



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