George O' Connor

(Writer/Artist - Kapow!; Athena: Grey-Eyed Goddess; Zeus: King of the Gods; Journey into Mohawk Country)

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George O' Connor


George O'Connor is an American-born author, cartoonist and illustrator living in Brooklyn.

O'Connor's first picture book, Kapow!, was a New York Times bestseller.

His first graphic novel, Journey into Mohawk Country, was published in 2006. It uses as its sole text an English translation of the journal kept by the Dutch barber/surgeon/explorer Harmen Meyndertsz van den Bogaert, who in 1634 journeyed from what is now Albany, New York 100 miles into the interior of the North American continent. This journal is one of the earliest extant accounts of the Iroquois people.

O'Connor followed up Journey with his work on Ball Peen Hammer, the first graphic novel written by famed playwright Adam Rapp. Set in the near future of an unnamed city after a societal collapse, the story follows the lives and loves of a handful of survivors.

He also storyboarded and contributed illustrations for the "graphic novel" portions of the ABC news special Earth 2100.

O'Connor is currently working on Olympians, a projected 12-book series retelling the Greek Myths in a graphic novel format, with one book for each Olympian god. The first volume, Zeus: King of the Gods, was published in January 2010.