George Frei

(Artist - Disney; Universal Entertainment; Gentile Giant Studios)

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George Frei


George Frei is a highly sought after Illustrator and Concept artist. With a career spanning 17 years, George is best known for his dynamic visual storytelling, imaginative characters, intense color pallet, and fantastic world building. Georges versatile skill set allowed him work for some of the highest profile clients in the industry. His work includes Toy design, Consumer Products for Theme park's and Restaurants, Branding, Set Design, Character Design, & Conceptual Development. George has worked for such companies as Disney, Universal Studios, Gentile Giant Studios, Lucas Consumer Products, ESPN, Seor Frogs, and Carlosn Charlie's to name a few.

George is currently working with his company Treehouse Machine Studios producing his IP's and book projects. You can see more of George's work at and