Genese Davis

(Author - The Holder’s Dominion)

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Genese Davis


Genese Davis is an American author and host. She is the author of The Holder’s Dominion, a next-generation thriller heralded as a breakthrough novel by Publishers Weekly. Davis's upcoming works include thriller, fantasy, gamer-lit, YA, and new adult books as well as video game lore.

Davis is an in-demand host, speaker, and moderator for conventions such as Wizard World Comic Cons, the San Diego Comic Con, and literary and entertainment expos. Davis hosts web-series and podcasts for ConRadio, Assembly of Geeks and MMORPG.

Davis is also a featured video game columnist and is the founder of The Gamer In You. She was awarded the iGR Woman of the Year for her outstanding efforts in debunking stereotypes and for bringing the video game industry the first new adult, gaming-thriller, The Holder’s Dominion. You can hear her featured video game podcast, The Gamer’s Dominion, produced by Assembly of Geeks and shown on ConRadio. To find out more, find Genese on Twitter @GeneseDavis and visit