Gavin Michelli

(Cover and Pinp Artist/Colorist - Last Ride for Horsemen; Ancients & Warriors; The Book; Secrets of the Kush Empire; Alpha Bloc; The Reaper; Sentinels Anthology; Amazons)

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Gavin Michelli


Gavin Michelli is a digital painter, colorist, villain, and scourge of the comic book industry. After graduating from Louisiana State University with a BFA in traditional painting and drawing, Gavin drunkenly stumbled into comics as a colorist on Arcana's The Book, and has since worked for publishers like Inverse Press, Drumfish Productions, King Comics, and Dark City Comics. His most recent release is Inverse Press Last Ride for Horsemen, which he colored, provided cover art, and even designed the logo.

Gavin is also a decorated advertising illustrator, and has served as a concept artist, assassin, and male stripper.