Gary Scott Beatty
(Writer/Colorist/Letterer - Number One; Jazz: Cool Birth; Seductions; Adam Among the Gods, Publisher - Indie Comics Magazine)
Gary Scott BeattyPublisher, editor, writer, illustrator, colorist and letterer Gary Scott Beatty’s current Aazurn Publishing book is “Number One,” 50 years of comic book history through the life of one comic shop owner.

Through Aazurn Publishing, in “Indie Comics Magazine,” Beatty publishes promising newcomers and veteran independent creators.

Beatty’s other Aazurn Publishing titles include Xeric Grant Winner “Jazz: Cool Birth,” “Seductions” with Oz artist Bill Bryan and “Adam Among the Gods” with James Lyle. His coloring includes the “Wedding of Popeye and Olive” and “Adventures of Aaron” syndicated strips. His production assistance in “America’s Forgotten Children” helped lead to the recovery of several missing children.
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