Gabriel Bautista GABO'

(Author/Artist - PopGun; Pulpo Anthology, Colorist - The Spirit; Elephantmen, Creator - Entervoid.Com; Pulpopress.Com)

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Gabriel Bautista GABO'


GABO, also known as Gabriel Bautista is a Chicago based Illustrator who has worked for DC Comics, Image Comics and Oni Press.

He is the artist for THE LIFE AFTER written by Joshua Hale Fialkov, published by Oni Press.

He is a recurring artist on Elephantmen (Image Comics), and series artist on Albert The Alien (Thrillbent).

He is also Eisner and Harvey award winning colorist for his work in Comic Book Tattoo (Image Comics), his color art can also be found in several issues of The Spirit and All-Star Western (DC Comics).