Gabe Marquez


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Gabe Marquez


Gabe Marquez is an artist residing in the Pacific Northwest. He is mainly known for his fantastical fine art sculptures, which encompass a broad range of subject matter. The majority of his artistic training is self-taught with experience in a variety of mediums including: polymer clay, ceramics, bronze sculpture, acrylics and vector art illustration. His work is in various collections and has been shown in galleries. After a brief hiatus he returned to creating art. Currently Gabe is an artist in residence is at Krab Jab Studios in Seattle, Washington.

Awards Include: 2013 Norwescon Best 3d for Uber-Lop II

2008 Dragon Con Best 3d for Uber Croc II

Award Nominations include:

2007 Chesley nomination for sculpture Cthulhu V2.