Frank Fradella

(Author - Valley of Shadows)

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Frank Fradella


Frank Fradella is the author of more than a dozen books, including those in the Valley of Shadows series, Swan Song, and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Drawing Basics (Alpha Books) -- which he also illustrated. He is the founder and president of iHero Entertainment, whose groundbreaking illustrated prose magazine, Cyber Age Adventures, won numerous awards including the Writer's Digest Grand Prize and the P & E Award for Best Fiction Magazine (2004). iHero reassembled its original creators to bring a new superhero magazine ("I, Hero") to market in 2010. Frank has also done work in comics, including Gene Simmons House of Horrors and the upcoming Alexander the Great graphic novel from Campfire.

Frank is the creator of two successful tarot decks, both published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.. In the Fradella Adventure Tarot, he teamed with artist JP Dupras to create a deck featuring the heroes and villains of the iHero Universe, creating the world's first complete superhero tarot deck. He also teamed with the late Jeziel Sanchez Martinez to create the breathtaking Undersea Tarot.

Frank is the creative force behind Paper Lantern Productions, a film production company located in South Florida. Their most recent film, Vox Angelica, took high honors in the Miami 48-Hour Film competition. Frank and his team have several other projects in various stages of development, including a feature film (Fu & Far Between) set to film in China in 2013.

Most recently, Frank has brought is creative forces to bear with New Babel Books, a boutique publishing house dedicated to finding an audience for hard-to-classify works in the field of sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes, horrors, art and cosplay. Their upcoming linep includes works by Shane Moore, Elizabeth Donald, Sara M. Harvey, Sean Taylor, Yaya Han and more.