Francis Portela

(Artist - Generation Zero; Faith; Green Lantern Corps; Pandora; Animal Man; Legion of Super-Heroes; Captain America: America's Avenger; The Flash; X-Men: Blind Science; Wolverine: First Class; Batman: Gotham Knights; The Amazing Spider-Man)

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A current teacher and also a former student at the Joso School for Comic-Book Artists, Francis started working in American comic-books both as a penciler (two issues of GI Joe: Frontline for Image / Devil's Due) and an inker, in books like Batman: Gotham Knights (with Al Barrionuevo) for DC Comics, and The Resistance (with Juan Santacruz) for Wildstorm.

Later, he started penciling for Marvel in titles like Araña: The heart of the Spider; Captain Universe: X-23; Heroes for Hire; a lengthy stint as artist in Black Panther, and also three issues of Wolverine: First Class. The miniseries Supervillain Team-Up: MODOK's 11 was his first collaboration with writer Fred Van Lente, and they worked together again in short stories like the Vulture one they did for Web of Spider-Man #5, and the Halo: Blood Line miniseries.

For DC Comics, Francis was the artist on the New-52 Legion of Superheroes series, and other books like Animal Man, Trinity of Sin: Pandora, or Green Lantern Corps.

Francis is currently working for Valiant, in books like the original Faith miniseries, and Generation Zero, book that has reunited him with Van Lente again.