Francisco Salinas Requiem

(Artist - Team Zero Productions)

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Francisco Salinas Requiem


Greetings ladies and gents. My name is Francisco Salinas aka Requiem. I am originally from Brownsville, Texas until I moved to my current city, Austin. I have been an artist, like many before me, since I learned how to pick up a pencil and doodle on paper. I have always been a fan of various comics and cartoons growing up that would become the inspiration to my artwork and stories. Recently I began my small time company of artists through a group of friends called Team Zero Productions. We vary from graphic artists, traditional artists, and even musicians. We are looking to hit it big with our self-publications of our works.

My current comic is Boy with the Demon Mask, a psychological murder mystery about a young boy slowly losing grip of reality of the world around him. I recently completed a preview issue that has made its way into comic shops in Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Brownsville Texas. It has been met with positive reviews by comic readers and I am looking to showcase it at Austin Comic Con. Right after the convention is over I will begin starting issue 1 and looking to finish the comic for a Jan - Feb 2013 release.