Overall he helped erase over $250 million in debt and raise the company's stock price from under $2 per share to over $30!



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Former Marvel President & COO Bill Jemas to appear @ Big Apple Comic Con!


An incredible opportunity to hear him speak and answer questions on what it's like to run a publishing empire!

Bill Jemas is an American media entrepreneur and writer. He is a founding partner at 360ep, a media management firm.

Jemas was appointed as executive vice president of Marvel Entertainment Group in 1993. In January 2000, he became president of consumer products, publishing and new media essentially Marvel Comics' publisher. During his tenure, with editor-in-chief Joe Quesada, the company experienced a rapid growth in profitability and critical acclaim.

This was in part from the popularity of the Marvel Knights imprint that was created during his tenure. However, his tendencies toward micromanagement and conscious stirringp of the fan community made him a controversial figure.

During his tenure at Marvel, he created the Ultimate Marvel Universe. Other later initiatives, such as the titles.

Upon his departure from the company, Jemas continued to work with Marvel in a non-executive capacity through mid-2004.

He also wrote or co-wrote Marvel comic books including Namor, Origin, and Marville.
Comic-book writer Gail Simone said on her blog that she ghost wrote for Jemas during his tenure at Marvel[2] She later clarified that she was referring to a comedic article about Marvel giving away free cookies rather than an actual comic.[3]
[edit] Post-Marvel career
Upon his departure from Marvel Entertainment, Jemas started 360ep, an entertainment property management firm. He developed the Freeware Bible, which translates ancient Aramaic-Hebrew words into English synonyms.

Bill will be on a panel discussing what it's like to run a publishing empire!

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