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The Finest


The Finest is a costuming club focused on the creation, display and cosplay of G.I. Joe and Cobra costumes from the action figure lines, comic books, cartoons and most recently the movies. We are fairly new but growing that has now reached international with members across the United States and Canada. We have trooped several conventions including Dragon Con and San Diego Comic Con as well as other events across the United States in the past few years. Our main focus is the creation of professional quality costumes to portray the characters of the genera in an effort to bring interest back to G.I. Joe as well as raise money for charities. In the past our club have taken part in several book drives, blood drives and charity collections in California that have brought in over 700 books for our troops overseas and countless pints of much needed blood.

The Finest is always looking for new members who strive to bring to life one of the most iconic toy and comic book lines of the 1980's. By bringing those characters to life, we not only preserve our childhoods, but the childhoods of countless others while bringing the characters to a whole new generation of children to enjoy.