Fernando Dagnino
(Artist - Suicide Squad; Resurrection Man; Action Comics; Supergirl; Superman; Batman; Green Lantern; Justice League; Legion of Super-Heroes; Teen Titans)
Fernando DagninoFernando is a versatile artist and during his career heís worked as a Graphic Designer, in Illustration and Comic-books, among other things. In 1998 he travelled to Los Angeles. to work for Walt Disneyīs Imagineers in the design of an attraction for Disneyquest permanently exhibited in DisneyWorld Florida.

In the following years he combined work at various graphic design companies with freelance work illustrating books for young readers. After a brief time in a Video Games company (Rebel Act) he went back to being a freelancer and started working for advertising agencies, magazines, etc. Heís also written the illustrated bookKasandra, a blend of literature and Graphic Novels.

He started working for DC with Batman and the Outsiders #13 and three issues ofTeen Titans. Heís also penciled Supergirl, Superman, Blackest Night: Starman,Action Comics, and heís recently helped on three issues of Wonder Woman.

After a long stint as artist on Justice League: Generation Lost, Fernando became the artist on one of DCís New-52 books, Resurrection Man.

Heís currently drawing Suicide Squad for DC Entertainment, with scripts by Supernaturalís Adam Glass.
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