Felix Matos

(Artist/Writer/Producer/Director - Pumpken)

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Felix Matos


Born in Puerto Rico, Felix Matos moved to Slidell, Louisiana to pursue a better life.

He went to school to become a multi-instrumentalist. He wanted to learn every instrument he could. Met the love of his life Liz and got married.

In school, he took an alternate course in drawing where his teacher told him he should become an artist.

He never was able to finish school because of an injury that left him paralyzed. After months in the hospital and rehabilitation, he was able to start walking again. Since he couldn't work, he started painting and fell in love with it.

He would paint anywhere people would let him paint.

In 2005 Katrina hit Louisiana and he moved with his family to Oklahoma where he decided to try to make something out of a bad time and pursued his art. While in Oklahoma, he became most popular for his horror work and his work with horror host legend Count Gregore. He became a big part of the Oklahoma horror scene.

Now after moving back to slidell, he travels doing Conventions to show his work all over the country. He is also working on new movie projects.
His movies so far are:
"Pumpken" 2012,"My date with Z" 2013,"Look" 2014 and"The Traveler 2015" which won him first place at the Lake Charles 48 hr film sprint challenge.

This will be his third Wizard World show in New Orleans.

You can see more of his work at www.moviesartwork.com