Farel Dalrymple

(Artist - The Wrenchies; Prophet; It Will All Hurt; Papercutter; Pop Gun War; Meathaus; Omega the Unknown; Bizarro World)

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Farel Dalrymple


Farel Dalrymple was the artist on Omega the Unknown (Marvel comics), with writer Jonathan Lethem. His creator owned comic book, Pop Gun War (Dark Horse Comics). was a Xeric grant recipient and won a gold medal from The Society of Illustrators. Farel was a co-founder of the comic anthology, Meathaus and has worked on a range of illustration and cartooning projects for comic book publishers, magazines, book publishers, ad agencies, and film studios. He is currently residing in Portland, Oregon where he is writing and drawing an original comic book story, The Wrenchies for First Second Books, drawing an occasional issue of Prophet for Image comics, and working on his webcomic It Will All Hurt for studygroupcomics.com.