Fabian Rangel Jr.
(Writer/Creator - Doc Unknown; Los Muertos; Extinct)
Fabian Rangel Jr.Fabian began writing comics in 2010, self publishing the first two issues of his werewolves vs teens comic “Extinct” before signing on with Philadelphia based publisher 215 Ink in 2011. 2012 saw the release of Extinct, Fall and Engines of Doom (215 Ink). Through Challenger Comics he has released “When The Evil Came/Stinky” as well as “Los Muertos”: an original graphic novel. In 2013 his stories will be appearing in the following anthologies: FUBAR: American History Z , Indie Comics Horror #2, FUBAR: By The Sword #2, as well as Monstrosity. His latest series is DOC UNKNOWN, and can be found on ComiXology under his self publishing imprint, BELIEVE IN COMICS.
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