Evan Thomas

(Artist - Combat Gals)

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Evan Thomas


Evan Thomas is a whisper-thin lad who began drawing at a very early age and has refused to stop, in addition to refusing to learn anything else in school besides art. A childhood fascination with prehistoric creatures and movie-monsters fueled his imagination and sent him down the rocky road towards a career in illustration. Although only recently introduced to wide-open world of comics, Evan got his first freelance gig drawing covers for G2 Comics, and now regularly shows his work at conventions. In addition to his numerous body of work involving monsters, aliens, and dinosaurs, Evan is also releasing his Combat Gals calendar and print series. He is also keen on drawing portraits, story-boarding, creating album art for bands, and, in general, drawing cool stuff for folks who ask.

Evan lives in Columbus Ohio where he studies at the Columbus College of Art and Design, hoping to find a career in the fields of concept art for films and games.