Ethan Van Sciver
(Artist - Justice League; Batman: The Dark Knight; Fury of Firestorm; Action Comics; Batman; Green Lantern; Superman/Batman; The Flash)
Ethan Van SciverVan Sciver first caught the comic worldís eye with his irreverent indie title Cyberfrog and stints on New X-Men and The Flash: Iron Heights, but it was the landmark Green Lantern: Rebirth mini-series with writer Geoff Johns that put him permanently at the top of fansí list. Following an explosive initial run on the ongoing Green Lantern series, the chart-burning artist recently returned to the character and shook up readers with the Sinestro Corps Special Ė the lead-in to DCís Sinestro War event, which promises to pave the future and change the status quo for the DCU as a whole.
Photograph by Luigi Novi
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