Ernie Chan

SPECIAL GUEST (Artist - Conan the Barbarian; Batman; Detective Comics; Amazing Spider-Man; The Incredible Hulk; Doctor Strange; The Avengers; Wonder Woman; Adventure Comics)

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Ernie Chan


Ernesto Ernie Chan is a Filipino-born American comic book artist.

Chan migrated to the United States in 1970, and became a citizen in 1976. For a number of years, he was obliged to work under the name Ernie Chua as that name had been wrongfully entered on his U.S. immigration documents, but he was later able to be credited under his given name.

He is particularly known for his work on the Marvel Comics version of Conan the Barbarian, although he has also worked for other publishers such as DC Comics, with a long tenure on Batman and Detective Comics. He studied with John Buscema, and also worked with him as the inker on Conan during the 1970s. He also inked the art of Buscema's brother Sal on The Incredible Hulk.

Later, Chan pencilled several issues of Conan and Doctor Strange, and worked on Kull the Destroyer in 1977 and Power Man in the 1980s. For DC Comics, he did the Claw the Unconquered series. Chan was also a cover artist.

Chan (under the name Chua) was DC Comic's primary cover artist from approximately 1975 to 1977. He followed in an honored lineage that included Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson, Neal Adams, and Nick Cardy. One of Chan's fort's was his ability to compose covers that included multiple characters and yet did not seem crowded.

Retired from 20022008, Chan came out of retirement in 2009 to do pencils and inks for an ongoing web comic series called The Vat.