Eric Weathers

(Independent Artist/Writer)

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Eric Weathers


(Artist/Writer/Co-Creator - Flying Fortress)

(Artist/Tones - We Ourselves)

(Artist - MacSorly R.C.M.P.)

As legend has it, when Eric was only 8 months old, his mother gave him a box of crayons to color with. After he was done, he made sure each crayon went back into the box correctly. That's when his passion for drawing began. He spent his childhood copying his favorite superheroes out of his comic collection. At the age of 16 he began making his own comic books, coming up with fantastic stories for his equally fantastic characters.

He's the co-creator and artist behind Flying Fortress, a self published comic book series. He's also worked as an artist for Red Leaf comics and he drew the first issue of We Ourselves. He holds a strong belief that the future of comics lies in the hands of the independent artist and looks forward to what the future brings.,