Eric C. Martin “Marty Mar”
Eric C. Martin “Marty Mar”ERIC C. MARTIN (a.k.a. “Marty-Mar”) is an aspiring . . . well, okay . . . wannabe cartoonist with not a single publishing credit to his name. He can be found most days glued to his PC while his sketchbooks, pens, and drawing table remain untouched.

His work has been compared to some of the most iconic figures in Sci-Fi. One reviewer said: “His cartoon characters are as lovable and enduring as Jar Jar Binks.” Despite this, Marty-Mar has been drawing “COSMIC D.O.T.S” since 1987. So, basically he’s been spinning his artistic wheels for 24 years while those around him dog pile him with annoying questions like “Why don’t you do something with your art?!” Now that he will be chained to table# 3237, this should put all said questions to rest.

Marty-Mar vehemently denies being spawned 38 years ago in the upscale, bustling metropolis of Aurora, IL where he works full time as a Union Rep for one of the city’s street gangs.

Marty-Mar has been married 7 times, divorced 5 times, and according to paternity tests taken on The Maury Povich Show, has fathered ZERO children.

Marty-Mar likes long walks on the beach, dislikes self-deprecating humor (obviously), and is a really, really, bad liar.
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