Eric Kieron Davis
(Producer - Animation; Video Games; Film; Novels)
Eric Kieron DavisEric Kieron Davis is an award-winning producer and creative director for film, theater, video games, web, and literary genres. He is passionate about producing high quality content built to entertain. He is currently a senior producer for Star Citizen and holds valuable experience in cinematic, film, and video game production for various state-of-the-art companies such as Blizzard Entertainment. He is also the founder of the film production company, Sleepwalker Studios. Davis was the creative director on the new adult novel, The Holder's Dominion, and won several awards for the book's cinematic trailer and innovative video game and suspenseful themes. As a creative director, Davis focuses on the creative vision of the project aiming to intrigue and excite an audience. As a producer, he is critically acclaimed for his passion to inspire and lead teams from concept to completion on a number of premium projects. To learn more, visit
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