Eric Henson
(Artist - Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope; The Perhapanauts; The Diplomat; A51; EDEN)
Eric HensonEric Henson is a penciler, inker and cover illustrator who is primarily known for his work on the "Perhapanauts" series at Image Comics. Henson’s debut in comics (facilitated by directors/producers Morgan Spurlock, Stan Lee and Joss Whedon) was documented in the 2011 feature film "Comic Con Episode 4: A Fan's Hope", resulting in Henson landing several jobs penciling interiors, pin-ups and covers at companies such as Arch Enemy Entertainment, Ape Entertainment, Artist Alley Comics and Image Comics.

Henson is also known for his covers on titles such as the USA Today web-comic "The Diplomat" with William Wilson and Arch Enemy Entertainment's novel “A-51” with Neil Herndon. Other credits include “The Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under” with Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau, and his creator-owned series “EDEN” with Michael Babinski, Robert Doan, Steve Downer and Steven Oaks.
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