Eric Hack

(Artist - SMU: Special Missions Unit, Part 1)

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Eric Hack


Operative Entertainment, LLC is a San Antonio-based independent multimedia company specializing in film, theatre, traditional literature, and comics. OE was founded in 2006 by Eric Hack, a former film and theatre actor turned U.S. human intelligence and counterintelligence specialist. He has served as both an intelligence soldier and mercenary all over the world in some of the most austere environments. He has used his vast expertise in tradecraft and black operations in Operative Entertainment's first graphic novel SMU: Special Missions Unit. Eric wrote SMU last year while working as a counterintelligence mercenary in Afghanistan. He is neither a Monarch mind control plant nor an Illuminati disinformation plant. He is simply and entertainer with a wealth of unusual experiences. His favorite comic characters are The Question and Booster Gold and he speaks some Persian-Farsi.