Emo Gonzales “EMONIC”
(Artist - Gevaudan)
Emo Gonzales “EMONIC”Contorted characters concerned with mysterious crimson wisps. Subtle skulls and masks with sunken eyes fixed on something just out of sight. An impish fellow with just the right amount of mischievousness. These apparitions and more escape from brush and ball-point alike, occupying paper, canvas, and masonite board as if they’d been there all along; creating an environment all their own.

Artist Emo Gonzales a.k.a EMONIC built this world with a lifetime of self-taught skills and stubborn perseverance. He continues to shape this wonderfully strange, yet familiar, place and present its inhabitants where and when ever possible. He currently resides in Milpitas, CA working on a comic for Ferric Press titled Gevaudan.
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