Ellison Keomaka


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Ellison Keomaka


Born in Hawaii, Ellison Keomaka has honed his artistic skills to become what he is today, a versatile artist excelling with marker, paint and airbrush. Being equally accomplished at all these art forms; Ellison has combined his many talents and become a successful entrepreneur.

Coming from a talented and disciplined military family, Ellison was exposed to the arts at an early age. Ellison began airbrushing at the age of 14, before graduating high school he had written his first business plan and started his own custom painting business. His art began as a hobby and through hard work and determination, gradually evolved into what is now, a burgeoning career for Ellison.

Ellison has also had the great fortune to have been influenced by many people in his life, "Without these people in my life, pursuing my dreams may not have been possible, although his success comes mainly from his undying drive, determination and vision. He believes everyone is an artist in their own way, they just need to find what inspires them and have the fortitude to get it, All too often, people are limited in attaining their goals because they are afraid to fail, or even worse, afraid to try.

Ellison's life is testament to the fact that anything is possible and he wants to inspire and empower young people to not be afraid to chase their dreams.