Edward Cherniga
(Illustrator - Avengers Assemble; Walking Dead; Vampirella; Marvel Beginnings; Bettie Page The Private Collection; Epic Illustrated; Grimm; Marvel Premier; Southern Knights; Sherlock Holmes; Thor: The Dark World)
Edward ChernigaEdward’s work has been published by Marvel comics in Epic Illustrated, Amazing Heroes from Fantagraphics, ghost pencils for Mystery Men from Dark Horse comics and pencils for Southern Knights from Comics Interview.

Since 2010, Edward has produced work for trading card sets from Upper Deck/Marvel, Cryptozoic/AMC, Breygent/Dynamite and NBC on projects such as Avengers Assemble, The Walking Dead, Marvel Premier, Vampirella, Grimm, Bettie Page and Marvel Beginnings.

A Nashville native, Edward’s work will be featured in the upcoming trading card set Thor: The Dark World from Upper Deck/Marvel.
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