Eduardo Risso

(Artist - Flashpoint: Batman - Knight of Vengeance; 100 Bullets; Batman; Batman: Gotham Knights; Transmetropolitan; Adventures of Superman; Green Lantern: Secret Files)

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Eduardo Risso


Eduardo Risso was born in 1959 in Leones, Argentina, and began his career in 1981 doing illustrations for the newspaper La Nacion and various magazines. In 1987, Risso collaborated with writer Ricardo Barreiro on his first real comic book, titled Parque Chas, and published in Fierro (Frgentinian comic anthology). The story was later reprinted in French by Glnat in 1993.

A year later, always with barreiro as a writer, Risso worked on Cain and Los Misterios De La Luna Roja. with Carlos Trillo he published Borderline.

In 1989, Risso's first french work - fulu' - was first published in Vcu Magazine and after that by Glnat. In all, five books were published and all books are written by Carlos Trillo.

Carlos Trillo has become a regular collaborator for Risso and they continue to do projects together. in 1994, Risso and Trillo did 'simon, Une Aventure Amricaine. In 1997, they did Chicanos. It was during this time that Risso started doing his first work for an American publisher: two Alien projects for Dark Horse Comics. The first project (1997) was the 2-part Aliens: Resurrection mini-series, which is the comic adaptation of the fourth Alien movie. the second project (1998) was the one-shot Aliens: Wraith. Dark Horse also reprinted in 2001 the 1999 graphic novel Video Noire, first published by Albin Michel.

Risso collaborated for the first time with writer Brian Azzarello in 1998 on the four-part Jonny Double mini-series, for DC Comics, recently republished in trade paperback format.

In 1999, Risso and Azzarello started working on the 100 Bullets series for DC/Vertigo. Risso also continues to work with writer Carlos Trillo. Together they did four books of Je Suis Un Vampire and their most recent collaboration is called Lectures Macabres. right before going exclusive with DC Comics, Risso also provided artwork for an issue of Marvel's Tangled Web.

For DC Comics and Vertigo, Risso also drew short stories on Flinch, Heart Throbs, Weird Western Tales, Batman: Gotham Knights, Transmetropolitan and Winter's Edge and pinps on Adventures of Superman and Green Lantern: Secret Files. his current project, along with the monthly 100 Bullets series, is a Batman 6-issue story arc titled Broken City, written by Brian Azzarello.

Risso has won an Eisner Award in 2001 for Best Serialized Story, two Harvey Awards in 2002 for Best Artist and Best Series, two Eisner Awards in 2002 for Best Penciler/Inker and Best Continuing Series and the Yellow Kid Award for Best Artist, always for his work on 100 Bullets.

100 Bullets will be over in 2009 and Risso has already signed up a 3-years exclusivity deal with DC Comics.