Ed Glaser

(Owner - Dark Maze Studios)

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Ed Glaser


Dark Maze Studios (Ed Glaser, Owner) is a independent studio that strives to make awesome entertainment on a budget that would give Hollywood a laughing fit. Projects have included feature films, web video, and animation.

The goal of this microbudget operation is to use passion to make up for lack of funds. So far, it has won 5 Telly Awards. Its online shows are syndicated on ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com, Blip, and YouTube.

Dark Maze's films include the acclaimed videogame comedy Press Start, its sequel Press Start 2 Continue, and the English language release of Rampage, better known as the Turkish Rambo.

The company also produces the animated shows Press Start Adventures and 'space Ninja, as well as the video series Deja View which showcases unauthorized foreign remakes of popular American films. Its latest production is comedy series Ninja the Mission Force which inserts ninjas into films that werent fortunate enough to have ninjas in them to begin with. For more information, visit www.darkmaze.com.