Ed Cho

(Writer - Little Guardians)

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Ed Cho


Ed Cho is the writer for Little Guardians, responsible for all of comic's scripts and story development. If it involves putting thousands of words together in a clever order, Ed's your man. Ed first co-created Little Guardians with Lee while trying to prevent him from drinking all of Ed's beer back in 2008.

From 2007 to 2011, Ed created a webcomic inspired by his cats at www.alandscout.com. Ed is currently updating his new comic called Scented Deoderant, is an active member in IWG (Indy Webcomics Group), and was featured in their 2010 anthology entitled: Welcome to Indiana with his story, Skeletons in the Elevator.

He currently resides in Fishers, Indiana where he lives with his wife and newly born daughter.