Dustin Kahlil Band
(Pop/Rock/Alternative Band)
Dustin Kahlil BandDustin Kahlil Band is a pop/rock/alternative band from the Mississippi Gulf Coast comprised of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Dustin Kahlil, guitarist Steven Mills, bassist Jason Milliken, and drummer John Quave. Kahlil's writing and vocal approach has been compared to such artists as Joy Division, Jeff Buckley, and The Killers; and the band's sound has often been described as polished and mainstream.

After the release of a full length album titled "Looks Good in Hats", they began building a following in South Mississippi, New Orleans, and Mobile. Their experience includes Kahlil's extensive touring of the East Coast, as well as Milliken's history of playing multiple venues throughout Europe.

Two tracks off their debut album were featured in videos shot in Los Angeles, and the band has since released an EP titled "Side A". They are currently featured as a regular act at The Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi, and can be spotted at a large number of venues along the Gulf Coast Region.

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