Dustin Carson
(Creator and Self-Publisher - No Gods)
Dustin CarsonDustin Carson is best known for his six-issue, limited-series entitled NO GODS which tells the story of Shepherd: a fourteen-year-old boy who thinks he is a clone of Jesus Christ sent to destroy the Earthís superheroes. Dustin has also had short stories appear in Trailer Park of Terror and Fetterís Run Literary Review. Currently, NO GODS is being collected into a TPB by Wild Wolf Entertainment.

Dustinís short stories Burn Victim and Mouthful of Spiders will appear in Wicked Tales (Wild Wolf Entertainment) and Safe House: The First Adventures of Henry Hardin will appear in Cliffhangers (Studio Akumakaze).

You can find Dustin in Artist Alley at table 3102B or search nogodscomic on Facebook or Myspace.
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