Drew Geraci

(Inker- Future's End; Batman; Thor; Captain Marvel; 52; Final Crisis; JLA; JSA; Green Lantern Corps; Iron Man 3 Prelude)

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Drew Geraci


2014 marks Drew's 20th year as a comics professional. He began his career assisting Dave Johnson on Superpatriot: Liberty & Justice. Drew then transitioned to DC Comics Justice League America and The Ray, which led to various Batman-related titles including Detective Comics, Birds of Prey & Nightwing. Then he moved to Crossgen to launch Sojourn's first year. Returning to DC, he pitched in on high-profile titles such as Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis. For Marvel, he's inked Thor, Captain America and the Iron Man 3 Prelude. From Star Trek (IDW) to Star Wars (Dark Horse) and more. You can see exclusive art on www.drewgeraci.com. For Disney Publishing Worldwide, he's produced art based on the films Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy. Drew's currently working on the DC Comics weekly event book, Future's End, starting with #8.