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Drew Geraci
(Inker- Future’s End; Batman; Thor; Captain Marvel; 52; Final Crisis; JLA; JSA; Green Lantern Corps; Iron Man 3 Prelude)
Drew Geraci2014 marks Drew’s 20th year as a comics professional. He began his career assisting Dave Johnson on Superpatriot: Liberty & Justice. Drew then transitioned to DC Comics’ Justice League America and The Ray, which led to various Batman-related titles including Detective Comics, Birds of Prey & Nightwing. Then he moved to Crossgen to launch Sojourn’s first year. Returning to DC, he pitched in on high-profile titles such as Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis. For Marvel, he’s inked Thor, Captain America and the Iron Man 3 Prelude. From Star Trek (IDW) to Star Wars (Dark Horse) and more. You can see exclusive art on For Disney Publishing Worldwide, he’s produced art based on the films Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy. Drew’s currently working on the DC Comics’ weekly event book, Future’s End, starting with #8.
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