Doug Wheatley

SPECIAL GUEST (Artist - Star Wars; Superman; Batman; Aliens; Conan, Production Design - Live Action Star Wars TV Series)

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Doug Wheatley


Doug Wheatley, is a critically acclaimed, fan-favourite comic book artist who has done work for Marvel, D.C. , Dark Horse, Acclaim, Image, and Black Bull on such titles as Aliens: Apocalypse- The Destroying Angels, Superman: Last Son of Earth, Blade: The Vampire Hunter, The Incredible Hulk, and The Punisher.

Wheatley was the artist on the ambitious comics adaptation of the film Star Wars: Episode III which secured his place as one of the major, modern Star Wars artists. Over the past six years, he has worked on popular story arcs for Lucas Film and Dark Horse's Star Wars: Republic, Empire and Dark Times series. He has also provided various covers and one-shots for the line including Star Wars: Legacy and the upcoming Darth Vader: The Lost Command. He is currently working on the next story arc for Star Wars Dark Times written by Mick Harrison.

Doug has also done storyboards for the 2006 film Superman Returns and most recently production designs for the Live action Star Wars television series.

Doug was Nominated for a Harvey Award in 1997 and a Joe Shuster Award in 2007 for his work on Star Wars Dark Times #1.