Doug Braithwaite

SPECIAL GUEST (Artist - Heroes for Hire; Chaos War: X-Men; Wolverine and Deadpool; Thor; Marvelman; The Amazing Spider-Man; Wolverine: Origins; Justice: The Punisher; Batman and the Outsiders; The Flash; The Incredible Hulk; Paradise X; Universe X; Captain America; Green Arrow; Azrael)

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Doug Braithwaite


Doug Dougie Braithwaite is a British comic book artist.

He started out working on British comics, like 2000 AD and A1, but is best known for his Marvel Comics work on the Earth X sequels, Universe X and Paradise X (with Alex Ross and Jim Krueger), as well as for The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe and Punisher: MAX #13-18, with Garth Ennis. He had been exclusive at DC but in 2008 he announced that when that deal ended he would sign as an exclusive with Marvel for three years and his first project would be Secret Invasion: Thor with Matt Fraction.

While at DC he worked with Ross and Krueger again on the twelve-issue limited series Justice.

In addition, he has illustrated issues of Ghost for Dark Horse Comics as well as Archer & Armstrong, for Valiant Comics.

Recent projects include a four issue run on The Brave and the Bold with David Hine.