Don Oriolo

(CEO - Felix the Cat Productions)

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Don Oriolo


Don Oriolo is an enthusiastic man of many talents. Many know him as CEO of Felix the Cat Creations, Inc., others know him through his triumphs in the music, film and animation industries. He is a gifted artist, musician, writer and businessman. His driven creativity has brought him success in many branches of the entertainment industry for over 40 years. Don has worked with a vast array of music artists over the years including: Gloria Gaynor, Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, The Flirts, The Chimes, The Tokens, Jimmy Charles, Doctor Hook, Arthur Prysock and Moms Mabley, to name just a few. After years of working on the other side of the glass as an arranger and producer in the studio, and with so many people asking why didnt you ever record a solo album, Don Oriolo decided to take a giant leap of faith in himself and accepted the challenge. When You Gotta Go, You Gotta GO' is the result of this effort. A big THANK YOU to everyone who played and sang on the record (in no particular order): Karl Latham, Chris Amelar, Jim Balzano, Warren Hibbert, Lance Quinn, Elliott Randall, Laurence Juber, Jimmy Young, Bob Babbitt, Kevin Humphris, Larry Franklin, Russell Velaquez, Daniel Sadownick, Chris Leuzinger, Polly B, Charlie DeChant, Rachel Allyn, Heady Hustla, Pat Severs, Mike Franklin, James Montgomery, Gloria Gaynor, Kirsten Thien, Susan Didrichsen, and Chip Davis. Maci Schneider did the Remixes. John Seymour, Obie O'brien, and Warren Hibbert mixed the album and Joe Palmaccio did the mastering. Produced by Warren Hibbert.