Diesel LaForce

(Artist - Dungeons & Dragons)

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Diesel LaForce


Diesel is a self-taught artist who started his career as an illustrator in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin at TSR, Inc. (aka Dungeons and Dragons). While at TSR, he created illustrations, logos, game prototypes and thousands of game boards and maps for TSR gaming products and magazines. Diesel was used as the exclusive cartographer for the monthly DUNGEON gaming magazine in its first two years of publication. His accomplishments include two Origins Gaming Awards for his cartographic illustrations and Best 3D award at GenCon.

Diesel's 30-year career as a professional illustrator has made him a legend in the gaming industry. Even though he has no formal training, his illustration background has provided a natural transition into the field of sculpting. He currently sells his sculpted pieces at a variety of venues including large gaming, anime and comic conventions, local artist markets, and holiday bazaars.

Diesel moved to the Austin area in 2006. He is now devoting all his talents to sculpting fantastic and unique artwork, making his own molds, castings and final paint finishes. He also continues to host the Art Show at the annual GenCon Game Fair held in Indianapolis - one of the most prestigious and successful fantasy art shows nationally. You can view his work at www.artbydiesel.com.