Diana Harlan Stein
(Artist - Genus; Furrlough)
Diana Harlan SteinDiana Harlan Stein
Naiad Studios?
What the heck is a naiad?

Itís a Greek water spirit. Itís also an anagram of my name. Water, mythology and my name - perfect! Add the Ďstudioí part for the artwork and itís perfect.

While I declared business with the government on the millennium, I have been painting full time from 1995. Of course, Iíve been drawing for years before that. My family is choked full of artisans and patrons. I became a bit of the black sheep when I fell for fantasy themes instead of more mainstream topics. Still, Iíve had a lot of encouragement, enthusiasm and energy.

Past clients include Analog, Nasdaq Securities, the Dragonstorm Card Game by Black Dragon, several titles at Radio City Comics and many more. My art has been included in magazines, rule books, supplements, card games, art collections, comic books, jewelry, T-shirts and literary anthologies.

My work is seen all over North America. I love traveling to many conventions, selling and showcasing my art. Iíve worked with the Ronald McDonald House Charity Fund to raise money for families in need.

Thereís always something going on with me!
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