The Defuser


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The Defuser


Jarrett Crippen was born and raised in Austin, Texas where he still lives with his wife and family.

Jarrett became an Austin Police officer at the age of 23. After 9 yrs spent on patrol, he was promoted the rank of Detective and was assigned as a criminal investigator for the next 5 yrs.

In 2006, Jarrett followed his dream of teaching and became an instructor at the Austin Police Academy teaching cadets, officers and members of the public.
Jarrett has completed numerous schools and seminars on leadership and communication skills including the West Point Leadership Academy and Say It Loud; a public speaking certification seminar.

In 2007, Jarrett and his wife; Norma founded SCARE for a CURE, a non-profit corporation that each year holds a haunted house to raise money for cancer related charities. In SCARE 2007 raised over $10,000 for Breast Cancer research and recovery and logged over 3880 volunteer hours from over 200 volunteers, including many Austin area high school students.

Also in 2007, Jarrett; a self proclaimed comic book geek, auditioned for and was selected to be a cast member of Stan Lee's Who Wants to be a SuperherO'. A reality show on the SciFi Channel. In September of that same year, Jarrett won the contest and out of the 3400 people who auditioned for the show, he was proclaimed the world's next great superhero!

Jarrett now spends his time divided between his family, preparing for SCARE 2008, and his activities related to being a real life superhero. He routinely travels to cities around the country to appear as The Defuser, but his favorite stops are Austin area elementary schools, boy/girlscout events and church groups.

Jarrett's passions include public speaking and story telling. He is always looking for ways to educate children about how to be a hero in their own community as well as raise money for worthy causes.