Deanna Urban

(Glitter Artists)

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Deanna Urban


As one of only a few glitter artists in Austin, Texas, I take pride in offering the best glitter art and accessories available. I am dedicated to serving the needs of my customers each and every day whether it be in person at a convention, market or on the web in my online shop.

I have always been a major admirer or glitter and I had hoarded many many colors over the years but never knew what to do with it beyond the usual craft project. One day my love for geometric designs and glitter came together in an explosion of creativity and my first glittered mandala was born. From that point forward it's become an obsession! Seriously I cant stop...

I have also always been a comic book fan since I was a little girl and it was a natural progression to get into my favorite characters. Comic heroes and villians are perfect for glitter and come alive with the sparkle and super bright colors. Join me at my next event and experience the brilliance for yourself!